Partition Walls

The double-sided incision type dukta JANUS enables you to create flexible, semi-translucent, free-standing dividing walls. A textile central layer (JANUS-TEX), felt in particular, adds to acoustic absorption and increases privacy. They are ideal for large offices, public spaces or private areas and let you plan the space accordingly. Rollers can be fitted to the partitions to increase their mobility.

Ahorn Trennwand

Maple Partition

Material: JANUS, 3-layer maple, 27mm
Dimensions: 7 Elements of 1100 x 1900mm
Shape Fixing
: solid maple t-profile
Fittings: Lamello Clamex, felt pads
Features: Elements concave/convex combinable

Bernerhof Saal, Bern
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Trennwand MDF

Black MDF Partition

Material: JANUS, MDF black, 25mm
Dimensions: 3 Elements of 1200 x 1900mm
Shape Fixing
: Flat steel bar
: Lamello Clamex, yoke rollers
Mobile, small waves

Library University Of The Arts, Toni Areal, Zürich

Trennwand Fichte

Spruce Partition

Material: JANUS, 3-layer spruce, 27mm
Dimensions: 2 Elements of 1200 x 1800mm
Shape Fixing
: Flat steel bar
: Lamello Clamex, rubber profile
Features: free form wave

Office University Of The Arts, Toni Areal, Zürich