Acoustic Systems

dukta acoustic elements are suited to acoustically-sensitive rooms such as recording studios, cinemas, concert halls, restaurants, foyers, teaching rooms etc. Measurements made by EMPA Schweiz (Swiss Federal Laboratories for Materials Science and Technology) confirmed the high absorption properties. Sound absorption and diffusion can be controlled by the wave form and the back filling of the elements. The excellent acoustic properties and fascinating aesthetic enable you to create spatial experiences to the highest standards.

Akustik Messungen EMPA
Akustik Systeme

Measurements corrugated dukta panels

Akustik Systeme

Measurements flat dukta panels

The wave-shaped geometry of the panels direct sound waves, coming from all directions, into the openings and absorb them. The different distances to the back wall, created through the waves, enable the panels to capture both short and long waves (high and low frequency).

Acoustic Panels

When designing your wall or ceiling, you can choose standard elements with regular or irregular waves or a free-form design. The wall panels are usually equipped with acoustic felt and ensure additional absorption using mineral fibre boards or sheep wool. The rate of absorption can also be influenced by incision geometry as well as by combining cut and un-cut boards.

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