Furniture & Lights

The pliable dukta boards lend themselves to designing unique furniture and lights. The perforated wooden material allows to construct easily round shaped furnitures, sliding doors or shutters. The same applies to lighting units, which can be made to produce an interplay of light and shadow through their partial transparency and rounded shapes.

ORA Series

The cylindric luminaire Ora is made from a single incised plywood sheet hold together with a copper clip. The warm light shine through the incisions and highlights the leveled structure of the engineered wood. Available in different diameter the luminaire Ora combines a technical design with a warm and vivid light.

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The lamp is made from birch plywood and can be used both with and without legs. The satin acrylic glass produces pleasantly and evenly diffused light using the inbuilt LED lights. The incisions in the strip of wood cast atmospheric shadows throughout the space.

In cooperation with: Creatop, Uznach Prolux, Lupfig


These lights consist of one concentrically cuted, circular plywood segment. Thanks to the ingenious fasteners, the lampshades can be connected and formed into a conical shape. Coloured inner parts and mirrored LED lamps produce warm mood lighting and cast wonderful shadows. With appropriate support, they can also be used as wall lights.