About Us

dukta gmbh is a development & design office located in Zürich Switzerland. Based on the int. patented dukta incision process we create new applications, interiors and products. Together with our selected and licenced manufacturers in different coutries we advise and support architects, engineers and building owners through technical and design matters.

This complex, versatile and patented process has its roots in wood bending experiments in 2007. Thanks to a CTI research project and various exhibitions and awards, dukta has become synonymous with flexible wood products throughout the world. Since 2015, products based on dukta processes have been manufactured and marketed throughout Europe by licensed partners.

Serge and Pablo Lunin have been jointly leading dukta gmbh since 2015. Their goals are to further establish dukta on the European market and to continue to develop their design and technical processes.

The technical quality and design attributes of our products have been brought to a very high level thanks to close collaboration with our partners in Switzerland, Germany and Austria.

dukta gmbh
Eschenhaustrasse 42
CH-8053 Zürich